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The power of XMILE

The energy demand has been increasing ever since the industrial revolution. In the present situation, energy demand and energy supply are not balanced. This applies especially to oil and reveals itself in high oil prices. Improving energy efficiency is therefore of the utmost importance for companies to be competitive. Another driving force for energy conservation is environmental in nature. Reduction of the emissions of greenhouse gases and environmental pollutants is a major task for our society. It is a real challenge to find solutions that make the use of oil products more efficient and less harmful to our planet. We found a solution in nature itself: XMILE.

XMILE is a fuel additive which unique  characteristics are discovered by more and more companies and consumers. XMILE can be summarized as an advanced enzyme-based biological solution for increasing fuel efficiency and reliability. In fact, by adding XMILE the fuel quality improves so combustion is better and more complete. By this:
-    Lower fuel consumption
-    Reduced emissions
-    Improved engine performance
-    Cleaner engine, less maintenance
These effects as a result of using XMILE have a positive effect on reducing costs and improve environmental performance.

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