Take a look at the XMILE documentary about the product, the applications and the results.


Enzymes can play an important role in chemical reactions. Enzymes in XMILE improve fuel quality and consequently they contribute to improving the combustion process and reducing emissions. XMILE has been applied successfully in many countries all over the world. Its users range from public utilities and municipalities to industries, railroads, fishing fleets, yachts, construction, and trucking. More and more cost and environmentally conscious people are discovering the value of XMILE
The benefits of XMILE are incredible:
-    Reduced fuel consumption (5-8%); so cost savings
-    Better engine performance
-    Reduced emission of CO, NOx and smoke
-    Extend engine life and reduce maintenance cost
-    Increase turnover; by offering XMILE as a premium fuel combined with the marketing concept of  XMILE, sales will increase.